Our Fungiculturists have collected psilocybin spores and prints from Nepal, Tibet, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Africa, and more. Our collection of mushrooms was handpicked among the best and most popular mushroom strains from around the world.
Truffle Mushroom Center sources all our Magic Mushrooms from local growers that take pride and passion in their work. All our Magic Mushrooms are grown organically without the use of harsh chemicals. Therefore we deliver the cleanest experience. Furthermore, our Shrooms are grown indoors in a controlled and sanitary environment. Unlike some of our competitors, we get our Shrooms fresh and store them properly. All our product pictures are of the actual inventory we carry.

We have been around locally since 2015. With recent expansions, we have ventured into the online world. We provide our clients with the ease of obtaining Magic Mushrooms Online in the comfort of their own home with mail order Magic Mushroom service.

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Justin G


I’ve bought and used a few of these kits and had success each time. I personally like to grow both side at once. This requires soaking for 6-8 hours, then turning over and soaking another 6-8. Spraying twice a day is more of a minimum, I sprayed several times a day to keep the growing area moist. The mushrooms will grow on the edges of the mycellium where you scrape it. So scrape small spots but make a lot of them. Leave about 50/50 scraped vs. un-scraped. If you want to grow one side at a time, you need to wait a few weeks before you grow the other side. Put the kit somewhere cool and dark while the mycellium heals. Then soak again and start the process over.
I make mushroom tacos with my harvests, but I use a seasoning mix I make myself instead of the recipe on the mushroom kit. Topped with fresh cilantro and corn salsa… they’re delicious!



It works! Be patient. In my case, the mushrooms appeared on day 7. Oyster mushrooms, in my opinion, have the best taste, very potent and clean flavor. They are perfect for soups, sauces, and sauté well with other veggies and meats. There’s no earthy taste to them at all. A word of caution, when ready to harvest, collect the entire batch. I made a mistake of cutting three mushrooms only, leaving the rest until the next day. Unfortunately, the bunch dried out completely over night. They were bone dry and hard. When I tried to get them going again by using the back of the package, I had no luck. Overall, a decent product,my it it does need more clear instructions.

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Giovanni Tm


I found this to be misleading at best.
When I read the following:
“GROWS YEAR ROUND: The Organic Mushroom Growing Kit works year ’round in any city – Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter! “
It sure sounds like this product will grow as long as you can keep it going. NOWHERE in the product description provided by the seller does it come close to stating there are exactly TWO growing cycles, one per side.
That’s not anywhere close to “grows year round”. They need to change that lie to “Can start any time of the year” and then just as clearly, announce the limited growing periods.
If I can buy mushrooms at the store for $5 and this costs $20, I clearly need four cycles just to break even. This costs twice as much as store bought. Simply not worth it to me.
And frankly, I’d like my money back because that’s another promise the seller makes. I’m not holding my breath on it though.
And should the seller read this and try to tell me it is stated in the FAQ section, well, that’sa response to consumer questions. I don’t read the potential hundreds of questions and answers on every product I purchase to see if an answer there is different than what they said elsewhere. I look there for things like adapter and the seller hasn’t survived a cable length. Here, the seller says “grows year round” and that’s simply not true.



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