How to Buy Shrooms in DC Safely in 2020

How to Buy Shrooms in DC Safely in 2022

Legal problems are the last thing someone wants to deal with when trying plant medicine for the first time. Now that naturally occurring entheogens are officially decriminalized in the area, many people want to know how to buy shrooms in D.C.—below, you’ll learn how to find shops and how to ask for shrooms. 

This isn’t a sketchy drug deal anymore. Buyers can now connect with quality establishments that offer psychedelics, but only if they know how to buy shrooms in D.C.—otherwise, they run the risk of ending up with an inferior product and wasting a lot of time. In this guide, we’ll share

‌The 3 things to know before buying shrooms in D.C.!

Where to buy shrooms in DC stores

How to order mushrooms in DC for delivery

The Mushroom Gifting Process

Keep reading to get the background so you can know how to buy magic mushrooms in D.C. safely and smoothly or stop by our favorite and verified storefront or Delivery in DC:

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 2 Things to Know Before Buying Shrooms in D.C.

Before purchasing shrooms in D.C., it’s crucial to know the background of Initiative 81, the law that piqued local interest and required people to look for tips on how to buy shrooms in the D.C. area. This new initiative, passed in November 2020, has made it possible to have shrooms without having to worry about the law.

It’s completely fine to receive shrooms as gifts or grow them at home. But for many, the process may still be unclear. Those who are interested in this plant-based medicine will want to know exactly how to find locations that offer shrooms. It’s easiest to search the Where’s Shrooms directory for a local listing of the best DC shroom shops.

1. The Law that Started it all Initiative 81

A group of citizens called Decriminalize Nature D.C. got Initiative 81 (I-81) on the November ballot in 2020 by collecting more than 35,000 signatures from D.C. voters. The proposal was structured after a similar measure in Denver, Colorado. It made enforcement of the city’s laws against entheogenic substances the police department’s lowest priority.

These entheogenic substances include magic mushrooms and other psychedelic plants. However, while shrooms were legalized, the new law didn’t override the original law that outlawed the sale of shrooms. People had to either grow their own or create a loophole. The result is the birth of the shrooms gifting community.

2. How I-81 Created the Shrooms Gifting Community

Residents in D.C. were frustrated with having to grow their own shrooms, as the high-quality doses can take time they didn’t have. The other option was to apply for a license to purchase the plants.

Instead, locals created what is now known as the shrooms gifting community. The law says specifically that shrooms can be given as gifts. Further down in this guide, I’ll describe how to order shrooms in D.C. safely and legally. 

Where to Buy Shrooms in D.C.

‌The problem with I-81 was that it remained unclear where and how to buy shrooms in the Washington, D.C. area. It didn’t take long for people in Washington to demand an easy way to find magic mushrooms in D.C. that’s devoid of legal problems. 

This is especially true for people who live outside the D.C. metro region, including Maryland and Virginia. Since it is still technically illegal to sell magic mushrooms, stores won’t have large signs that explain that they are a part of the shrooms gifting community. These stores aren’t listed on regular online directories that someone might reference for a new café or theatre to visit.

With so much confusion, it’s easy for people to be tricked by scams or feel uncomfortable with the process. Where’s Shrooms has only trusted and vetted storefronts in their directory.

One of our Favorite go to shops for in store shopping is Dreams Wellness

How to Order Mushrooms in D.C.

Once someone has arrived at a reputable shop listed on Where’s Shrooms, it’s important to use the proper verbiage. Think of it like going into a smoke shop in states where marijuana is illegal. You can’t simply ask for weed pipes. You’ll get kicked out.

When learning how to buy shrooms in Washington, D.C., start by asking to see the gift menu. This will show you the shrooms that are available and explain what merchandise you’ll need to purchase to receive the shrooms as a gift. The products that you’ll buy could be a sticker or a piece of art, for example.

Ordering could go something like this, “Hello! I’d like to buy a $50 art print and receive a free I-81 compliant gift, please.”

Don’t wink or stumble on your words. Don’t just ask to buy some shrooms. Don’t even ask if the store has shrooms for sale. You may get kicked out.

Buy Shrooms in D.C. Safely in 2021

‌If I-81 was passed when I was a teenager, I wouldn’t have had to worry about my friend and the plant medicine I wanted to use. In 2021, people visiting or living in the District of Columbia don’t have to worry, either—but only if they know how to buy shrooms in the D.C. area.

Thanks to the recent changes in laws, it’s possible to easily and safely find shrooms and other psychedelic plants for both recreation and medicinal reasons. Remember to use the proper verbiage so that there isn’t confusion or an uncomfortable situation at the store. Look for art, stickers, music, t-shirts, or other items that are what is truly for sale.

To know where to go to buy shrooms in D.C., log on to Where’s Shrooms directory listing for trusted shroom suppliers. The list contains only reputable retailers with experience in the gifting community with high-quality magic mushrooms in Washington. You’ll be confident in the process and knowledgeable about the recent law changes that provide the opportunity for people to enjoy plant medicine without fear.

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